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Don't overlook the fact that saliva has so many he

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Saliva is saliva, a secretion of the mouth. Saliva doesn't seem to do much for many people either. But in fact, saliva has many health benefits.
  1. Keep your mouth moist
  Stress causes the secretion of saliva to decrease, the mouth will be too dry will cause pronunciation problems, food will not be able to pass through the throat.
  2. Taste
  Saliva dissolves flavorful substances in food, leading to its taste.
  3. Antibacterial
  Experiments have shown that rats raised in groups lick each other's wounds and heal faster than rats raised alone, and that human saliva does, indeed, heal faster when applied to a wound.
  4. Decontamination
  The water in your saliva washes away food particles and bacteria in your mouth, keeping your mouth clean with only your saliva.
  Neutralize an acidic environment
  Calcium and phosphoric acid are slightly dissolved in the surface of the teeth when eating. Under an acidic pH of 5.5, the surface of the tooth begins to dissolve, and the slightly dissolved parts can be recovered by saliva.
  Protect your teeth and cheeks
  Saliva forms a coating on the surface of teeth, preventing the cave-causing bacteria Streptococcus suis from entering. Saliva also protects the cheeks and tongue from infection or wounds.
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